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It’s a fast moving market

Today’s real estate market moves fast. When you find a property you want to see, it doesn’t take long for the property to be sold. Act quickly if you see one you’d like to visit! When you are interested in a showing, we make arrangements quickly with the seller to get you the opportunity to view it. In most cases, this can be arranged same day, or as soon as humanly possible.

Property showings request courtesy of The Simmons Team and our buyer's agent, Gina Rosa; find the perfect home!

Interested in a property? I’m always available for showings.

~ Gina Rosa

We’ll arrange the showings and tell you more about the area

There’s nothing to lose by seeing a property! We’re always ready to arrange a visit. We can give you valuable tips for selecting the right home. From evaluating a property to understanding current market conditions, we can help determine school locations, arrange and schedule estimates, help you better understand neighborhood values and more.

Our response time is measured in minutes

When you are ready to see a property, we’re ready. Your submission gets received instantly, and we begin arranging to help you view the property right away.

Just fill out the fields below as complete as possible. If you have specific properties in mind, just let us know the MLS number or the address, and be sure to add the time-frame(s) for which you are available. We will contact you to make arrangements to see the property (or properties) you provide below.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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