Population: 117,316
Median Home Sale: $235,000
Median Household Income: $61,152
Median Commute: 34.00
Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve in Vallejo. Photo By: USFS Region 5

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Solano's largest city, by the bay

The largest city located in Solano County, and home to many great attractions including the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the Baylink ferry & the Vallejo Farmer's Market is the great City of Vallejo California.

Formerly the site of the State Capitol, Vallejo enjoys a cool bay climate with coastal access, large rolling hills and expansive home development. Visitors and residents of Vallejo enjoy a plethora of entertainment options, close proximity to many nearby metropolitan areas, & lots of stunning views.

History of Vallejo


Former California State Capital, twice

Vallejo is the largest city located in Solano County, California. It is the tenth most populated city in the San Francisco Bay Area and was named after General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo. In the past the city of Vallejo has served as the state capital on two separate occasions. The city spans 49.5 square miles, 18.9 square miles of which is covered by water. There are several geographical faults in the area, but most are minor and inactive. However, the San Andreas Fault and Hayward Fault are in the area and considered quite active. Vallejo is home to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom which was formerly known as Marine World and Marine World Africa USA.

The first inhabitants of the area were of the Patwin, Miwok and Suisunes tribes. In 1850, General Vallejo proposed plans for a new city complete with university, capitol and botanical garden. The plans were accepted, but the name was changed from Eureka to Vallejo after the general himself. Though the general had a hand in the founding of the city he is not considered it's true founder that honor goes to John B. Frisbie whom the general granted power of attorney for the land grant. Sulfer springs led many European settlers to settle in the area and in 1902 the springs were named Blue Rock Springs.

Visitors and residents of Vallejo enjoy a plethora of entertainment options in the surrounding area, like discount shopping outlets, museums and historic parks, theme parks and fascinating factory tours. For lovers of the Peanuts comic strip a visit to the Charles M. Schulz Museum & Research Center is a perfect way to experience their passion. Lovers of history will enjoy a visit to the Benicia Historical Museum or the Mare Island Heritage Trust. Local wineries like Castello di Amorosa or the Blue Victorian - Vezer Family Vineyard are a perfect evening get away.

Houses for sale in Vallejo range from sweet little starter homes up through sprawling luxury homes. Houses largely land in the two-story middle class range with large yards along quiet streets. Friendly neighborhoods, beautiful green spaces, and a long history give the city a comfort and stability that the residents adore. Other real estate options include apartments for rent and condominiums and townhouses for lease. Whether you are in need of a family home, a studio apartment or anything in between Vallejo has a place to fit your needs. Residents come looking for a house and find a home in Vallejo.

Vallejo's highest rated eateriesBest restaurants in Fairfield CA

Fast food to fine dining and more

Vallejo is Solano County's largest metropolitan city, and as such, is also host to some of the most prestigious and delicious cuisine the area has to offer. From tiny deli's and hole-in-the-wall chinese parlors, to fashion conscious and trend setting dinnerfare, Vallejo has a little of everything for everyone. In Vallejo, it's heavily populated downtown area is perfect for great experimenting while hunting down that perfect home to purchase.

Did you know?!City facts and trivia

A few amazing facts about Vallejo and it's residents

  1. In 1850 plans for a new city, to be called Eureka, were created with a capitol, university, botanical garden and other features. After a state wide referendum, the proposal was accepted, although a new name was decided upon: Vallejo.
  2. Vallejo is named for General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo (the neighboring city of Benicia is named for his wife).
  3. Although the town is named after General Vallejo, the man regarded as the true founder of Vallejo is John B. Frisbie. After his daughter Epifania married Frisbie, General Vallejo granted him power of attorney for the land grant. It was Frisbie who hired E.H. Rowe, the man who designed the city layout and who named the east-west streets after states and the north-south streets after California counties.
  4. On April 17, 2012, the City Council approved the first city-wide participatory budgeting (PB) process in the United States.
  5. The oldest known house in Vallejo, the Winslow House, built in 1860 by a merchant marine, George Greenwood, of Maine, and in 1891 was purchased by Isaac Winslow, remains in its existing historic condition on Winslow Avenue. The property was originally 700 acres (283 ha) and is now 3/4 an acre. It is also the home of the oldest Pepper Tree in California (non-native).