Population: 94,342
Median Home Sale: $315,000
Median Household Income: $72,575
Median Commute: 29.00
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Nestled in the Golden Hills of Northern California, sits Vacaville; a small but lovely city located approximately half way between San Francisco and Sacramento in Solano County.

Believed to be one of the worlds leading per capita concentration of electric cars, it's earned the nickname "Voltageville" due to it's focus on EV integration. Cultural and holiday excitement abound through such yearly events as the Fiesta Days parade and the Festival of Trees. The city enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters.

Vacaville HistoryHistory of Vacaville

Early days to the modern times

Vacaville, California is a growing city located approximately half way between San Francisco and Sacramento in the northern portion of Solano County. As of the 2010 Census, Vacaville is the third largest city in Solano County, spanning roughly 28.6 square miles. Less than 1% of it is water covered. The city has two official nicknames, “Cowtown” and “Golden Hills”. The area enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters perfect for outdoor activities. In recent years, the city has also earned the nickname ""Voltageville"" because it has the world’s leading concentration of electric cars.

The land the city rests on was originally part of the 1843 Mexican land grant, Rancho Los Putos which was purchased from Manuel Vaca. The city was founded by William McDaniel in the winter of 1851. During the city's early history the economy rested largely upon produce companies and farms. The city was also home to a stop on the Pony Express route. Today the local economy rests partially on biotechnology/pharmaceutical facilities including Novartis International AG, Genentech, Kaiser Permanente and ALZA Corporation, as well as on the California Department of Corrections, which runs both the California State Prison, Solano and the California Medical Facility.

According to the 2010 United States Census Vacaville was home to 92,428 residents giving the city a population density of 3,233.5 people per square mile. Housing was 63.4% owner occupied and 36.6% renter occupied. The median household income in the city runs at approximately $57,667.00 and the median family income runs at approximately $63,950.00. The five largest employers in the area are the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Vacaville Unified School District, Genentech, the City of Vacaville and Alza.

Residents and visitors to Vacaville don't just enjoy the beautiful surroundings and lovely climate but the best in cultural events and sites and wonderful entertainment options. Attractions like the Vacaville Art Gallery, the Vacaville Premium Outlets, the new Nut Tree Plaza as well as Lagoon Valley Regional Park offers a variety of wonderful experiences. Several times a year the city hosts events that draw visitors from miles around such as the Vacaville Fiesta Days and the Festival of Trees.

Homes for sale in Vacaville range from small starter homes and fixer-uppers up through middle class comfort and sprawling luxury homes. For those seeking other real estate options there are apartments and houses for rent and condominiums and town houses for lease that offer a tempting selection of amenities. With a variety of employment options, a beautiful climate and green spaces, comfortable homes and so much more Vacaville is a hometown waiting to be found.

Vacaville's RestaurantsBest restaurants in Vacaville CA

Fast food to fine dining and more

Anyone who's lived in Vacaville long enough is well aware that this town is bursting with great places to eat. From authentic mexican cuisine to fine dining, national chains to hole-in-the-wall bakeries, a wonderful array of delicious foods and entertaining destinations can be found just about wherever you look. Below is an easy map for finding a new spot to try when visiting the area.

Did you know?!City facts and trivia

A few amazing facts about Vacaville and it's residents

  1. Vacaville's name comes from Manuel Vaca, not "cowtown". In 1851 Manuel sold a square mile of land for the creation of a township, which was named after him.
  2. The Nut Tree, famous for over half a century as one of the most visible staples of Vacaville, began life in 1921 as a humble roadside fruit stand.
  3. Vacaville has the highest concentration of electric cars per capita in the world, earning it the nickname, "Voltageville".
  4. Jermaine Dye, the 2005 World Series MVP with the Chicago White Sox, was born right here in Vacaville, CA.
  5. Four of the worlds notable biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies have facilities in operation: Genentech, ALZA Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, and Novartis International AG.