Population: 27,047
Median Home Sale: $430,000
Median Household Income: $89,531
Median Commute: 30.00
State Capital. Photo By: Eric E Castro

Welcome to the City of Benicia, CaliforniaBenicia Bridge

An amazing waterfront community and bedroom suburb

Located along the north bank of the Carquinez Strait in the northern portion of the bay area, is the lovely waterfront community, Bencia.

Named after the wife of Comandante General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, and a one time location of the California State Capitol, this little town has over the years gracefully grown into a hub of business and manufacturing while retaining it's historic and nostalgic past.

History of Benicia, CA

Benicia Historical Arsenal

A historic waterfront Capital

Benicia is a gorgeous waterside city located in Solano County California. The city is named for Francisca Maria Felipa Benicia Carillo de Vallejo, the wife of General Mariano Vallejo. Benicia is located along the north side of the Carquinez Strait and spans 15.7 square miles, 2.8 square miles of the city is covered by water. The city is easily divided into four sections the Eastside, the Westside, Southhampton and the Industrial park. But all parts of the city are united by the city and civic leaders and citizenry alike who work together to uphold the lofty ideas of the city's motto "Serving & Enhancing our Community with Care, Commencement & Pride".

Benicia was founded in May of 1847 by three men, General Mariano Vallejo, Thomas O. Larkin and Dr. Robert Semple. The city was the third site selected to be California's state capital and for about a year the city's newly constructed city hall served as the state capital until it was moved to Sacremento where it remained. The city also served as the county seat up until 1858 when the seat was moved to Fairfield California. The arrival of the railroad and the California gold rush both contributed to the continued growth of Benicia which was blessed with a prime location for commerce and travel connections. In 1987 the city was chosen to a part of the California Main Street Program which worked to rejuvenate and improve the quality of life and economic progress of historic Main Street Central Business Districts across the state. Today the key retail area of the city is First Street which attracts antique and boutique shoppers with its historic buildins, unique shops and hometown charm.

According to the 2010 United States Census Benicia is home to 26,997 residents giving the city a population density of 1,717.4 people per square mile. The majority of housing units, 70.5%, are owner occupied, leaving 29.5% of housings units as renter occupied. In 2,000 the median household income was $67,617 and the median family income was $77,974. The top five employers in the city are Valero, Benicia Unified School District, Dunlop Manufacturing, the City of Benicia and CytoSport. Homes for sale in the city range from small starter homes and fixer-uppers up to and including middle-class ranch homes and luxury homes with multi-car garages and sprawling yards. Rental and lease options including apartments of all sizes and styles, town houses and condominiums with enticing amenities. Whether you are looking for a move-in ready home, a large home to fill with your own furnishings or a small furnished apartment you will find what you need in Benicia.

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Fast food to fine dining and more

Benicia's long been known for it's lovely weather, Bay access, and it's manufacturing facilities, but as standards go, Benicia has some wonderful restaurants down near the waterfront. It's culture has long been a mix of affluent and blue-collar lifestyles, and this diversity shows up in it's wide variety of local dining establishments, bed & breakfasts, and fine dining restaurants. Next time you are passing through the Bay, have a stop along Benicia's coast and enjoy a meal with some of the best views around.

Did you know?!City facts and trivia

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  1. Benicia was named in honor of the wife of General Mariano Vallejo, who had desired that the city be named "Francisca". His wife's second name was used instead when the former city of "Yerba Buena" changed its name to "San Francisco."
  2. Benicia is among a small handful of what are known as "California's wandering Capitals. Benicia served as the state capital for nearly 13 months from 1853 to 1854 . San Jose, Monterey, and Vallejo have also been the seat of California government until it was finally settled in Sacramento.
  3. Benicia spent much of it's life as the location of "The Arsenal", a military supply depot in service from Civil War through the Korean War. Now it's home to some of the Bay Area's most noted artists and craftpersons.
  4. Benicia has more parks per capita than any other Solano County City.