• State Capital. Photo By: Eric E Castro


    Located along the north bank of the Carquinez Strait in the northern portion of the bay area, is the lovely waterfront community, Benecia. This little town has over the years gracefully grown into a hub of business and manufacturing while retaining it's historic and nostalgic past.

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    • Total population 27,047

    • Median home sale $430,000

    • Median h.h. income $89,531

    • Median commute30.00 mins
  • winters


    City of Winters today is a thriving agricultural community with a strong sense of pride. Described by visitors and locals as "cute as a button", the picturesque three-square blocks that make-up downtown embody the spirit and nostalgia that is Winters, California.

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    • Total population 6,531

    • Median home sale $292,000

    • Median h.h. income $63,042

    • Median commute24.00 mins
  • Suisun City Hall. Photo By: skyfirexnews

    Suisun City

    Named for the Suisunes, an American Indian tribe which inhabited the area, Suisun City is located adjacent to a sprawling 84,000 acre marsh, the largest contiguous estuarian marsh remaining on the west coast of North America. Suisun's beautiful waterfront district attracts residents and tourists alike who enjoy the myriad of outdoor activities.

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    • Total population 28,757

    • Median home sale $275,000

    • Median h.h. income $69,577

    • Median commute35.00 mins
  • One of many Vineyards in Napa County, CA. Photo By: jcookfisher

    Napa County

    Known for being one of the top viticultural areas in the world, the County of Napa California stands out as one of the defining locations in all of the U.S Western coast. With huge swaths of land protected by agricultural preserve on the valley floor, and large serene mountain tops peppered with homes and rolling hills, it's easy to get lost in Napa County's natural beauty.

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    • Total population 78,522

    • Median home sale $470,000

    • Median h.h. income $64,957

    • Median commute23.00 mins
  • Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve in Vallejo. Photo By: USFS Region 5


    The largest city located in Solano County, and home to many great attractions including the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the Baylink ferry & the Vallejo Farmer's Market is the great City of Vallejo California. Formerly the site of the State Capitol, Vallejo enjoys a cool bay climate with coastal access, large rolling hills and expansive home development.

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    • Total population 117,316

    • Median home sale $235,000

    • Median h.h. income $61,152

    • Median commute34.00 mins
  • Net Fishing in Dixon CA. Photo By: Ingrid Taylar


    Surrounded by agricultural land and wide open fields is Dixon California, home to the largest annual Corn maze in the world. Residents enjoy the best of small town life and big city convenience and culture in Dixon. Being situated so closely to many metropolitan areas offers the rare chance at working in a flourishing nearby community and living a wonderfully quiet and rural evening with the family.

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    • Total population 19,118

    • Median home sale $319,500

    • Median h.h. income $69,780

    • Median commute26.00 mins
  • Fairfield, California. Photo By: Jirka Matousek


    Home to Travis Air Force Base, this city is known for its many wonderful locations for hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities, as well as its convenient location near the beautiful wine country of Napa California. With multiple wonderful golf courses, and local attractions like the Jelly Belly Factory, Fairfield is brimming with plenty of opportunity, enjoyment and entertainment.

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    • Total population 106,727

    • Median home sale $287,000

    • Median h.h. income $66,541

    • Median commute29.00 mins
  • By: Jirka Matousek


    Believed to be one of the worlds leading per capita concentration of electric cars, it's earned the nickname "Voltageville" due to it's focus on EV integration. Cultural and holiday excitement abound through such yearly events as the Fiesta Days parade and the Festival of Trees. The city enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters.

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    • Total population 94,342

    • Median home sale $315,000

    • Median h.h. income $72,575

    • Median commute29.00 mins